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How do I choose a trade-mark?

Coming up with a trade-mark is a creative process which is limited only by your own imagination.

However, there are some basic rules that you should be aware of prior to adopting a new mark and producing any:

When creating your trade-mark, it is important NOT to choose a trade-mark which is:

While it is possible to obtain trade-mark registration of a combined given name and a surname, the Office will conduct a search of telephone directories to ensure that the name is not the name or surname of a living individual. This effectively prevents a person from "fencing in" the exclusive right to use a name or surname that is being used by others.

When developing a new mark, it is important to choose a coined or invented word or words. The more creative the trade-mark, the stronger the trade-mark protection.

A good example of a coined or invented word is the trade-mark KODAK® owned by Kodak Canada Inc. The word KODAK® has no dictionary meaning or meaning in any language. Therefore, the protection afforded to the KODAK brand name is very broad and it allows the owner a wide scope of protection.